11" Swinguard.  Scales are Very Beautiful Blue and Light Brown Wooly Mammoth Bark.  The
Inner Section of the Scales are several tones of Brown, and showes the age well.  The
Release button is a Large Blue Star Sapphire.  The Swinguard is Hand Made as are the 3/4
inch long Solid Nickel Silver Front Bolsters.  No rear Bolsters were added because of the
Massive Piece of Ivory.  The liners are 3/32 Brass with Rope Filework all the way around.  
the Backspring has Vine and Thorn Filework.  The Blade is Sweedish Stainless Damascus.  
The Screws holding the Scales are 24k Gold Plated.  This one will jump out of your hand.  
This is the first Auto that I have made that I was satisfied enough with to Brag on!!!!!  
The Scales are a Beautiful Blue, much more so than the pictures.
Blue Mammoth Bark Swinguard