"MINI" Picklock
This is the smallest I have ever customed...It is 5" opened.  Handmade Nickel Silver Bolsters, Honey Golden
Horn from Spain, Tiger Eye Release Button.  Filework on the Blade, Backspring and Top Liners.  24k Gold
plated Screws..Opens with a nice snap and locks up tight.  Was fun to do, but would not like to do it for a
Mini-Picklock #2
is basically the same, same scale material, same button, but filework is very different.  the Blade is
flatground instead of bayonet, and is filed the complete length, and on the bottom..  The liners are filed
on both sides, and on the end.  The spring has filework top and bottom.  A little more detail and a little
prettier.  Functions great...
Mini_Picklock #3
White Mammoth Ivory Scales, with 24k Gold Plated Screws.  Filework all over, Blade, top and bottom
spring, liners.  Button is a black star sapphire.