9" Brown Mammoth Ivory Bark Pocket Picklock

Scales are a very beautiful multi shades of Brown Mammoth Ivory Bark.  These are some of
the most beautiful Brown scales I have seen.  I have had them for around 4 years and have
been wanting to do something with them for a long time.  The release button is green
Jade.  Bolsters are half Solid Brass, and half Nickel Silver.  Scales are attached with 24k
Gold Plated Screws.  Liners are extra wide with filework running top, end and bottom.  
Spring has Rope Filework all the way around.  Opens fast and locks tight.  The shape of the
Stiletto is more of a regular pocket knife than a normal Stiletto.  Really much, much more
beautiful than the pictures.  One of my favorites.