Below is a listing and some pictures of the knives I have made in the last couple of years.  There are various
designs and sizes.  
If you see anything you like, or anything close to what you like, I would be glad and make
you one.
I have a good selection of scale materials, and can usually get what I do not have...I try and get better
with every one I do, and would be glad to try and make you one to be proud of...
I will try and repair your
broken stilettos for a very reasonable price, depending on what has to be done.  I have most replacement parts,
and a good source for other needed parts.  Don't throw it away....most can be
                                              Please contact me at:
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All knives on this page have been sold.  They are displayed to give you an idea of what I can do.  I can make one for you in any designs
that are shown.  You can take something you like from one, and another and I will try any make it to your desires.  I usually have a wide
selection of scale materials, like most that are shown.