9" ATS-34 Picklock
9" Picklock..Blade is ATS-34.  Excellent Steel sharpens
to a Razor edge.  Scales are Brown/Golden Giraffe Bone
attached with 24k Gold Plated Screws.  Bolsters are
solid Nickel Silver.  Liners are thick Brass.  Filework on
the Spline and Liners Top and Bottom.  
Release Button is
molded from Nickel Silver.  Cross is made of Lapis
Lazuli, the Stone which the
supposedly made from.
Closing a Picklock Stiletto

Hold the knife with the back
spline(spring) facing to the right
hand.  With your right hand
thumb and middle finger place
your fingernail under each side of
the Tang (tab on the front of
the spring).
 Lift the Tang which
releases the spring.  While the
Tang is raised, press on the top
of the blade which will lower the
blade.  Then close the Knife.